What is .Maui Pastebin?

With dotmaui.com's Pastebin service, you can save and share small or large pieces of text. .Maui Pastebin supports many programming languages to color the text syntax, but you can also use plain text.
The interface is simple and intuitive, in line with .Maui style.


Why should i donate?

Our server is not big enough to save a huge number of pastes, much disk space is used by other services, such as CDN and sitemaps history.
With donations, we will be able to cover the costs of a larger server.


Is it free and without advertising?

Yes, even the free base service is without advertising.


Are APIs available?

Yes, a beta version is currently available. With our APIs, you can list all your pastes and create new ones. The service is, only for the moment, available to premium users. Read the documentation for more details.


What about privacy?

We do not use any tracking script and you can choose to paste and share text anonymously. You can also register at dotmaui.com without your email address via Telegram.